The Sewing Machine of Your Dreams!

The 9985 Quantum Stylist

960 Stitches
Color Touch Screen
13 Presser Feet
1200+ Custom Reviews
13 Buttonhole Options
5 Alphabets
1 or 2 Year Protection Available for an
Additional Fee
You can also choose style number 9960 &
9980 for less money but some of the
features will vary.

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This Is Not Your Grandmother's Sewing Machine

Sure, it's the same brand that your
grandmother may have used, but this has
so many awesome features. No more
fumbling with directions on how to wind
the bobbin. Just use the touch screen.
If you're used to the zig zag being your
"fancy" stitch there are so many other
fantastic options.

See It in Action!

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Such a Low Price for a Great Machine!

Eliminate Frustration

When I sew there's a few things that make me decide to never sew again.

1. I can't find the scissors to cut the thread. This singer offers a solution with an automatic thread cutter.

2. My foot gets tired of pushing the pedal. This has a start/stop button or a foot control.

3. I make a total mess when I forget to put down the presser foot and the thread gets all jumbled up. This has a sensor so that won't happen.

4. I forget how to wind the bobbin. Just touch the Help button and it will walk you through this.

5. Now how do I thread this thing? I don’t know why this isn't on all machines, even much cheaper versions. The instructions for threading are right on the machine.

6. Tension. No, I'm not talking about stress. I'm talking about the wonderful concept that keeps the back of your project being a mass of thread every time you switch to a new material. Tension gives me tension and it's the #1 reason I don't sew more. The Singer Quantum Stylist comes with automatic tension or you can adjust it manually.

Other Cool Features:

  • The frame is made out of metal
  • Limited 25 year warranty. It's 1 year on adjustments, and 5 years on the electronics.
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Great Reviews

With over 1200 review there are a lot to read through! Reviewers liked this for quilting and said that it was very quiet. There were a lot of reviews that used the word love. Most of the cons were that people weren't using all of the stitches. Better to have too many than not enough though right?